Wednesday, March 8, 2017

a new day

So many things going on in the world.
So many things going on in our communities, schools, churches, families, homes, hearts.
My hope here is to contribute
Yeah, I'm pretty much a hippie at heart. That's how it goes when you get closer to the Creator of everything.
You start caring about people - for no reason at all other than they are just people. Fellow children of God.
You start noticing how lovable all of creation is. The trees, the birds, the air, the clouds, the sky -- I loved it all with a wonder and awe as a child. It never really left me, but it did change.
As a boring old person who has seen more than I'd like to have seen about the ugliness and brutality of humanity, that child-like wonder and awe over the "simple" things has only deepened and grown.
There's a writer in me that has been hiding for years now and needs a new place to play.
So here we go.


...because I'm a foot zoner. There are many incredible tools we can use to help our bodies, minds, and hearts heal.


...because without God we are nothing.


...because that's what it's all about, really.

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